Friday, September 5, 2008

Solid Rock Christian Church

Apostle Bill Anderson, Jr.
Pastor, Solid Rock Christian Church

Solid Rock Christian Church’s youth ministry, The F.L.O.C.K. (Future Leaders of Christ’s Kingdom), is definitely moving in the timing and favor of God. The mission of The F.L.O.C.K. Youth Ministry is to propel youth into their Godly purpose by meeting their spiritual needs, making them aware of their gifts, healing wounded and damaged emotions, and building their self-esteem. This mission is accomplished through prayer, Interactive Bible Studies, a Discipleship Program, youth workshops, outreach and evangelism, and many exciting activities. The youth of Solid Rock have also created ministries of their own. The Alpha & Omega Steppers, the youth step team of SRCC, was created by youth to minister praise and worship unto to the Lord. They go out ministering Jesus Christ and serving the Anointing all over the city of Memphis. The youth of Solid Rock have also created a dance ministry called Anointed Vessels of Praise. This group of young ladies has one goal in their hearts – to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. The F.L.O.C.K. Youth Ministry gives the youth an opportunity to grow spiritually and at the same time express their feelings, thoughts, and dreams. These youth are learning that the promises of God are “yes” and “amen” to the glory of God that is already operating through them. We welcome youth from all over the world to come and experience the presence of God like never before. Solid Rock Christian Church is dedicated to serving souls of all ages. We have a dedicated staff of advisors that serve in our Children’s Ministry. The mission of the Children’s Ministry is to lead our children to Jesus Christ by equipping them with the Word of God in such a way that they understand it, teaching them how to pray, and teaching them how to unleash the power in God’s Word in their lives. For additional information about our Children’s Ministry or if you would like to make a donation to our Children’s Ministry, please feel free to call the church administrative office at (901) 365-2747
4100 Ross Rd. Memphis, TN 38115 (866) 769-ROCK (P) 901-365-2747 (F) 901-794-3647

>Apostle Bill Anderson, Jr.
Pastor, Solid Rock Christian Church
> Care Pastor Tonya Anderson
Pastor's Wife, Solid Rock Christian Church

>Men's Ministry
Director: Care Pastor Anthony Smith >New Members Ministry
Director: Shelia Anderson >Prayer Ministry
Director: Jonathan Ferguson

>Single's Ministry
Director: Tressia Shields

>Transportation Ministry
Director: Brother Porter Anderson >Usher Ministry
Director: Sister Lois Jefferson
>Women's Ministry
Director: Care Pastor Tonya Anderson >Evangelism MInistry
Directors: Lakita Arnold >Motorcycle Ministry
Director: Brother Tedrick Tate
>Senior's Ministry

"Silver Eagles"
Director: Julia Buchanan
>CSI Ministry

Elder Betty Mister

>Information Technology Ministry
Director: Deacon Darrell Edwards
>Finance Ministry
Director: Care Pastor Ted Lyons

Asst. Director: Lisa Hollingsworth
>Prophetic Ministry
Director: >Choir / Music Ministry
Minister of Music: Toya Gillard/Chris Johnson

Music Director: David Gillard


Deaconess Zanthresa Hampton

Sis. Tomossa Moore

>Children's Ministry
Royal Kids of Christ's Kingdom
Director: >Youth Ministry
FLOCK- Future Leaders of Christ's Kingdom
Youth Pastor: Terrell Monger
>Christian Education


Evangelist Patricia Brooks

>Marketing Ministry
Director: Myca Holloway >Marriage Ministry

Elder Kenneth Neely
Elder Maylon Neely

>Audio Ministry

Bro. Kaiser Powell

Bro. Porter Anderson


Deaconess Merica Lyons
>Events and Conferences

Director: Marla Nolan
>Helps Ministy

Sis. Danielle Wright

>Deacon Darrell Edwards >Deacon John Hampton >Deacon Clyde Terry
>Deacon Jeffrey Thompkins

>Elder Danielia Covington
>Elders Ken & Malon Neely >Elders Willie & Bertha Hyman
>Elders Lev & Bettie Mister >Elder Tonya Harbin

>Minister Vashti Smith

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